Spring softshell fabric/Light weight softshell fabric

The word Softshell is used on a broad range of products. The common factor with these products is that two fabrics with different properties are combined to create a material with special qualities. The most common thing is that one wishes to create a soft interior that binds and draws off moisture, and an outside that resists wind, rain, and wear-and-tear.

Softshell Jackets are pouplar and how to choose it?

Softshell jackets are made of a smooth-faced, stretchy, tightly-woven fabric that usually consists of nylon blended with elastane. They are renowned for their unrestrictive range of motion, body-hugging fit, superb breathability, wind and water resistance (to varying degrees) and often stylish appearance. After emerging a decade or so ago, softshells quickly became a popular alternative to traditional hardshell jackets (principally GORE-TEX jackets at the time), as well as fleece garments like Polartec Classic jackets.