What is Spring softshell fabric?

The word Softshell is used on a broad range of products. The common factor with these products is that two fabrics with different properties are combined to create a material with special qualities. The most common thing is that one wishes to create a soft interior that binds and draws off moisture, and an outside that resists wind, rain, and wear-and-tear.

Spring softshell fabric

Softshell has many types like heavy weight softshell which is used on skiing, snow border, light weight softshell which is widely used on mountain climber, outdoor camping. And what is spring softshell fabric? Strictly it is similar or same with light weight softshell since it is not like normal softshell which often uses four-way stretch bonded with polar fleece or long-hair fleece. Spring softshell fabric use light weight fabric including the top and back fabric. For top fabric, we can use ultrathin knitted fabric like 20D, 30D, 50D knitted fabric or 75D, 100D four-way stretch. For down fabric, it will not use polar fleece since we need to make the weight to be light. So we can choose mesh fabric, ultrathin knitted fabric, interlock, tricot, etc. Although it is light weight, it still has same properties like normal softshell with high water column, good breathability, good water repellency. So it still can give you same good quality for your outdoor parties. If you have any interest about it, you can visit our product and we have some good choice for you.